PRESS RELEASE - 8 April 2016


The Latrobe Valley Air Monitoring Network Incorporated (LVAMN Inc) Air Quality Monitoring Stations in 2013 and 2014 met almost all of the requirements of the State Environment Protection Policy (Ambient Air Quality) (SEPP (AAQ)) as outlined in the Annual Air Quality Summaries.

The LVAMN Inc’s Annual Air Quality Summaries showed “full compliance” for the policy’s goals in 2013 and “very high compliance” in 2014.

The LVAMN Inc is an industry funded association that owns and operates two rural air monitoring stations located in the Strzelecki Ranges and Rosedale South.  These stations operate continuously and monitor the air of the Latrobe Valley for a range of pollutants including sulphur dioxide (SO2), fine particles, ozone (O3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) together with meteorological data.

The results showed full compliance for the SEPP (AAQ) goals in 2013. The air quality for SO2 levels in 2013 was classed as either “good” or better for all but five hours during the year.

The results showed very high compliance for the SEPP (AAQ) goals for 2014. The air quality for SO2 in 2014 was “good” or “better” for all but 17.5 hours during the year.

The SEPP goal for Local Visual Distance (LVD), which is a measure of visibility reduction, at the Rosedale South Air Monitoring Station, was exceeded on nine days due to planned burns, bushfires including the Hazelwood Mine fire or local burn-off.

Copies of the annual summaries since 2007 as well as monitoring data are available from this website

The members of the network in 2013 and 2014 were:

  • AGL Loy Yang A
  • Australian Paper
  • Ecogen Energy Jeeralang
  • Energy Australia Yallourn
  • Energy Brix Australia Corporation
  • GDF SUEZ Australian Energy Hazelwood
  • GDF SUEZ Australian Energy Loy Yang B
  • Mecrus