Welcome to the Latrobe Valley Air Monitoring Network (LVAMN) Website

The LVAMN currently consists of the 3 air monitoring sites at the following locations:

  • Rosedale South (Rural site)
  • Jeeralang Hill (Rural site)
  • Traralgon (Urban site - NEPM performance site)

Four additional air quality monitoring sites operated and maintained by the Environmental Protection Authority of Victoria
(EPA) are situated at Morwell South (Maryvale Crescent), Morwell East (Hourigan Road), Moe (Scott Avenue) and
Churchill (Maple Crescent).
These sites were commissioned during the Morwell coal mine fire to assess the air quality in the Latrobe Valley.

The Rural sites are owned by LVAMN Incorporated and the Urban sites are owned by the EPA.

LVAMN and EPA Monitoring

A mix of various pollutants are monitored at each site together with meteorological data:

Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2);
Sulphur Dioxide (SO2);
Ozone (O3);

Link to the EPA air quality data tables

National Environmental Protection Measure (NEPM)

Is Federal legislation which sets nationally agreed goals and standards for protection of nominated parts of the environment. Most environmental legislation is set by state or territory governments.









Data from all sites are logged continuously and polled on a daily basis by remote central computer systems.
All data are validated before final reporting and storage at EPA’s long term storage facility.