About Us

The Latrobe Valley Air Monitoring Network Incorporated (LVAMN) was established on the 9th May 2012.  The LVAMN

purchased the air quality monitoring assets of Power Works Pty Ltd prior to its closure.
Ongoing funding for the operation and maintenance of the recently acquired air monitoring assets is through local

industry membership contributions.  At the time the LVAMN acquired the air monitoring assets it carried out a review

of the instruments and identified a number of instruments for replacement.  During February 2014 the LVAMN

embarked upon a major instrument upgrade program.
In addition to the air monitoring carried out by individual industries located in the Latrobe Valley the LVAMN operates

air monitoring stations at Jeeralang Hill and Rosedale South.  The Environment Protection Authority, Victoria (EPA)

also operates an air monitoring station at Traralgon (this station is a NEPM performance site).
Four additional air quality monitoring sites operated and maintained by the Environmental Protection Authority of Victoria
(EPA) are situated at Morwell South (Maryvale Crescent), Morwell East (Hourigan Road), Moe (Scott Avenue) and
Churchill (Maple Crescent).
These sites were commissioned during the Morwell coal mine fire to assess the air quality in the Latrobe Valley.

The rural sites are owned by the LVAMN and the urban sites are owned by EPA.
Our Charter
The purposes of the Association are to:
(a)          own, operate and maintain (or effect the operation and maintenance of) the Air Monitoring Assets on

an ongoing basis;
(b)          collect information, including test results and data, on the air quality in the Latrobe Valley, such information

to be produced by the operation of the Air Monitoring Assets;
(c)           disseminate the information described in rule 2(b) to the Latrobe Valley community and the members;
(d)          promote an increased understanding of the air quality of the Latrobe Valley;
(e)          provide the members of the Association with ongoing and unfettered access to all air quality information,

including test results and data, produced by the Air Monitoring Assets to enable members to, among other things,

comply with their respective obligations at law;
(f)           operate with, and promote mutual trust and confidence between the Association and the members in pursuit

of these purposes;
(g)          at all times to act on behalf of, and in the interests of, the members;
(h)          apply the property and capacity of the Association towards the fulfilment and achievement of these purposes;
(i)            use and protect the Intellectual Property;
(j)           pursue through itself or others, such commercial arrangements as are appropriate to further the purposes

of the Association;
(k)          represent the interests of the members in any appropriate forum;

(l)            undertake and or do all things or activities which are necessary, incidental or conducive to the advancement

of these purposes;